What is the thing you should be doing?

Sometimes half the battle is just deciding what to do and dedicating some time to it. This is your chance to choose a thing and do it. State it here briefly and clearly.

Example: My taxes

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What is the thing you should be doing?


Procrastinate Less. Do More. Be Awesome!

So, there’s a thing you don’t want to do.
Something you may have been putting off for hours, months or even years.

Or maybe it's just getting through your workday or chores.


A Few Quick Steps

You don't even have to do the thing right now. What? That's right. We're going to go through a few quick steps together, and then when the timer starts,

you'll have 2 choices:

Do the thing
Do nothing (actually nothing)

For just 10 minutes. You won't be allowed to do anything else in that time.

Hey, it's only 10 minutes. No big deal, right?

Ready to get started?


Why is this thing important? What would be the impact of doing it?

After talking about a project with people, I feel motivated to work on it right away. Defining the impact to myself gives me that same sense of "do it now" motivation.

The impact can be on me, on others, on society as a whole, etc.
Whatever fits and makes me feel good.

Example for Doing my taxes:
If they owe me money, yay I get money! If I owe them money, I am contributing to positive things that make my city and country pretty great.

If this isn't important and has no impact, consider not doing it.
I suggest only spending your time on valuable things.

Why is this thing important?
What would be the impact of doing it?

What is the cost of not doing this thing?

The drawbacks can also be a powerful motivator to want to do the thing. What would be the cost to you, others, society as a whole, etc.?

Do you feel that pain? Do you want to avoid that pain? Do the thing.

Example for Doing my taxes:
If they owe me money, I won't have the money.
If I owe them money, the interest charges are adding up plus I walk around with a dark cloud of guilt over my head for not having it done yet.

What is the cost of not doing this thing?


What is the smallest action you can take to get started?

This is something tiny. Something that can be done in 2 minutes or less. Preferably even 30 seconds.

Something that is so easy that there's no way I won't do this first step.
Look up a phone number. Open a document. Email someone a question.

Example for Doing my taxes:
Open up the example bookkeeping document
that my accountant sent to me.

What is the smallest action you can take to get started?


Turn off all digital distractions!

Doing multiple tasks at the same time is less effective than single-tasking. You'll get the thing done faster and possibly even more enjoyably if you put your focus only on it.

Let's turn off all the things that could take your attention away.

Turn off all digital distractions! (optional)


Do the thing or do nothing

You will either:
(1) Do the thing.
(2) Do nothing.
Sit there and stare into space.

You’re not allowed to do anything else!

This rule was inspired by the habits of writer Raymond Chandler. Chandler set aside at least four hours each day for writing; he didn’t force himself to write, but he didn’t let himself do anything else. He wouldn’t let himself read, write letters, write checks—nothing.
He summed up: “Two very simple rules,
a. you don’t have to write.
b. you can’t do anything else.
The rest comes of itself.”
~ https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-happiness-project/201202/problem-procrastination-try-do-nothing

Why 10 minutes?

  1. It's a short time. It's harder to put up defenses to only 10 minutes.
  2. Tim Ferris recommends choosing a time that's a little shorter than what you think it will take. It actually produces better work to "force immediate action while ignoring the minutiae." Not to mention, you can accomplish a lot in 10 minutes!

Ready? You have minutes. Remember, you can do the thing or do nothing.
Nothing else! (What? Why?!)

10 : 00

What is the next smallest action you need to take?

Example for Doing my taxes:
Pick up the next receipt to be entered in.

Did you:

What's next? You can:


What is the next smallest action you need to take? (optional)


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Congratulations! Way to go!

Today you proved you can do a thing. Yeah! You done good.

This tool is always here for you. Anytime you have a thing that you need to do, let Do The Thing help you.

Great work! We'll see ya later.


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